Dec 17, 2008

through the fire

Today, the house two doors from mine is half burned down. The houses right next to them were also severely damaged. It is definitely one of those really looooong days.

I was reading and enjoying a nice cup of fresh instant coffee when I heard the fire alarm. Eh, someone's cooking went bad again, I thought. Then I saw all the smoke start to come in. And fast. I grabbed my laptop, important papers, jewelry, camera and stuffed them in a suitcase and headed straight for the door. The house was filling up with smoke fast.

I dumped my stuff in my car and helped my neighbor get all her pets out. We also made sure that our other neighbors and their kids have all left their houses. There was smoke everywhere. I called my husband and other neighbors to let them know about the fire. A few minutes later the firemen were all working on the fire. It took a few hours. They tore off half the roof with chainsaws and axes.

Now things are all calm but smelly. I was definitely happy that I saved my passport and greencard. No fire is going to stop me from going home to Cebu in two weeks.

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