Nov 19, 2008

pygmy tarsier rediscovered?

I just saw this on the news today: Real-life Furbies Rediscovered.

Uh, I was in Bohol three weeks ago (October 25, 2008 to be exact) and here is my picture with a tarsier!

Could it be the same thing that they "rediscovered"? Nope.

Turns out, scientists found Tarsius pumilus. The tarsiers in Bohol are Tarsius syrichta. Not quite the same thing.

The difference? Pygmy tarsiers have claws on their digits, while Philippine tarsiers have flattened nails except on the second and third digits (these have claws). Look it up in wikipedia. Pretty interesting stuff.


Mentor said...

Hi I found your blog from reading some news in Argao. More like you are from Argao right? Well i from Minglanilla. I wish we could have an exchange link with my blog. Please let me know your feedbac by giving me a comment

Robert Aquino Dollesin said...

I am jealous. I've never been to Bohol, but more importantly I haven't been back to Pnas in over a decade and thinking about it sparks a whole slew of memories.

You look like you're enjoying yourself and the tarsier on the branch beside you appears gentle and shy. Are they?

pulangbanca said...

@mentor: i like your blog! sorry, i haven't gone around to re-making my blog list. :) i'll definitely add your blog when i do that.

@robert: Bohol is beautiful! You must go there next time you visit. I really enjoyed my time there. The tarsiers are nocturnal, so i think they're more sleepy than shy at that time. :)