Sep 26, 2008

How do you say....

"Honey, you smell bad."??

I read in a forum that one guy was having a problem with his wife's hygiene (or lack thereof). Oh boy, this is a tough problem to have, especially for a new couple. This guy must have loved this girl enough to marry her despite that problem. However, I don't blame him at all for expressing that he wants her to take better care of herself. 

The most sound advice I heard on the forum is to give her gifts that are helpful in eliminating the bad smell. For example, "Honey, let's try out this new powerful electric toothbrush! I think you might find it cool!" I think it is good to say "let's" -- so the person who smells bad doesn't feel like he/she is being picked on. Or, buy the latest deodorants on the market. I hear a Secret giving away free one-carat diamonds.

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