Aug 14, 2008

The Gymnastics Controversy

It was sad to see the Americans lose to the Chinese in women's gymnastics this week. I especially felt really bad for Alicia Sacramone after she fell off the balance beam. That's hard.

Shawn Johnson is a delight to watch. She made the balance beam look like it was the floor! And after an excellent performance and they show her smile, it is hard to believe that this cute little girl just did what she just did.

Nastia Liukin is so graceful and makes everything look easy. And she's skinny, it doesn't look like she can do all those things that require a lot of strength. But she falls things off beautifully.

There were issues about the Chinese gymnasts' age. They do look extraordinarily young. Not old enough to look 16, the minimum age required. But they did make fewer mistakes than the US team, age limit aside.

The US team had a bad day. Too bad, it was the day when it really mattered. However, the Chinese team was a very good team, too. The US team shouldn't be ashamed of their silver medal. They fought hard, had injuries on the team and were not on home turf. They lost to an excellent team. Now, they can go kick butt in the individual events.

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