Jul 25, 2008

So American

Several times, I heard about the "tree sitters" - protesters at Berkeley who stay literally 24hours/day on the trees in order for the trees to not be cut to make room for a new gym or something.

I can understand being passionate about certain issues. I am extremely passionate about love of country. Sitting, no, actually living on top of the tree in order to save it? Wow! I heard it has cost millions of dollars and i'm sure a lot of discomfort to the tree sitters. The send their poop down in little bags and have to have people send food and supplies up to them. This reminds me of picture of a sign that says, "Wag 'nyong ilagay sa plastic ang dumi 'nyo" or something to that effect.

I was just thinking, wow, that is so American. Only in America do I hear things like that. In the Philippines, I don't know anyone who'd go through all that trouble for a tree.

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