Jun 26, 2008

thoughts from the bottomless pit

Lately, I have been craving crustaceans. Blame it on the delicious dungeness crab I had from Joe's crab shack. I have been thinking about it since then.

After having chicken and beef over the past days, I was desperate for some seafood. We were on our way to Fu Lam Moon (great Chinese place - yummy steamed prawns) last night, when D suggested trying out World Gourmet Buffet. Mom and Dad have never been there so we decided to try.

I didn't think WGB was that great the last time we ate there. This time, I sampled every crustacean dish they had: crawfish, buttered prawns, blue crab, fake crab meat in a blanket, snow crab legs. Most of the stuff we so-so but the buttered prawns were awesome!

It probably wasn't the healthiest of meals, but I ate about 6 of those yummy buttery buttered prawns. With rice, of course. Then I had chocolate icecream with condensed milk - my own concoction. It tasted a lot like chocolate-flavored shave ice from Waiola. Yum!

I was feeling better already so off I went to bellydancing class. Had to burn the thousands of calories I ate for dinner.

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