Jun 6, 2008

Got the Tickets

The countdown is on! I'm gonna be home soon.

I have kept a list of things to do the next time I'm home. This time, it's a fun list. Here are some of the things I miss the most about home.

FOOD(of course!!):
  • lechon
  • greenwich pizza
  • ganador rice. mmmmmm....
  • jonie's chicken
  • halo-halo sa merkado sa Argao
  • torta sa Argao - Auntie Citang's is the best.
  • browas
  • Olio
  • Chez Lucie
  • Larsian!!!
  • that place near the airport that Leigh and Tisha took us to; great view, great sinugba
  • sinugbang baboy
  • hot limosito juice
  • Ampao, chicharon ug bukarilyo sa Carcar - clog my arteries but I don't care. This is my last hurrah before my heart surgery.
  • mango - fresh, juicy, beautiful, golden, perfectly ripened mangoes. from Argao, of course.
  • green Karabao mango - with the reddest uyap.... at the south bus terminal... sitting in the front seat of the Ceres Bus
  • the freshest Butong (young coconut) from my Dad's place.
  • Bayabas
  • Bitso-bitso - fried grated sweet potato cakes.
  • Saging minantikaan. haay.. I miss Diding's snacks. She walks around with a basket of goodies in the afternoons... ADD moment: two of her grandkids are my godchildren. making a mental note for pasalubong.
  • cheese bread sa Julie's
  • sinabaw na manok bisaya
  • fresh fish - kitong(a kind of cod, I think) and the freshest tuna in the world! Even ihalason escabeche, sign me up!
  • Mr. A's... Laed's, wanna go?

  • beach - Lawis, Argao, Cebu, I love you!
  • Ubong Spring
  • Kawasan Falls
  • Boracay
  • Bohol
  • Argao Town Plaza - free wifi, y'all! Lupig sila!
  • Meddah Spa
  • Tops
  • Family Park
  • Sumilon
  • Don Gil Garcia Street(?), Argao, Cebu
  • HOUSES: my grandparents', my parents' in Alambijud, my grandma's ancestral house in Jomgao, my grandpa's ancestral house in Urgello; Randy Ursal's house?
  • Plantation Bay - D's not impressed with it, but I am. In fact, I'm really impressed by it.

  • motorbiking around town - kita sila chicks magdrive. hehehe
  • Driving down south - all the way to Santander
  • People watching at Ayala
  • massages at the beach in Boracay at sunset... the BEST-est!!!
  • fishing - the whole she-bang: from catching worms for bait, baiting, casting the hand line and well, catching fish.
  • tidepooling - manginhas ba.
  • hopefully naa Guitar Hero sa TimeZone. hehehehe.. i want to kick some butt.
  • better yet, take my own Guitar Hero to the Philippines so I can kick my brother's butt.
  • scraping fresh coconut meat and EATING it
  • tong-its
  • LOTS of sleep. like 16-18-hour stretches...
Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!! Homeward bound and can't wait!


Leigh said...

i always make a similar list when it's time to head home.... :-)

Ai said...

perteng kasuya nako aning imong mga aktibidades ig uli nimo. Hmmm...makes me miz cebu so muchhhhhhh! enjoy ur trip girl.