Jun 25, 2008

Drive Like an Idiot Day

My car was rear-ended by a truck when I was pregnant with JellyBean. Though it none of it was my fault, I was very much shaken. Since then, I have tried to be a good defensive driver. No thrill was worth endangering the life of my little guy.

This morning, on my way to work, I was happily singing along to Regine Velasquez. Up ahead, the two lanes of the street I was on merge to form the freeway entrance. So there I was, patiently waiting for my turn, merging ever so slowly. The pattern was one car from the left lane, one car from the right.

All of a sudden, this old green mini-van zoomed past me. With about 2 inches of clearance. I got startled. Why would he do that? He only stood to gain 10 feet ahead of me. Then I got mad. What if his car had hit mine? I would have been late to work and had to deal with car repairs, which I intensely dislike. Was he trying to challenge me to a race? My car can out-accelerate and out-maneuver his any given day. Wait, I don't want to do that. Gas costs too much.

So I kept an eye on that green van as it zoomed in and out of lanes and eventually merged into the carpool lane. Hah! I hoped he'd get pulled over for carpool violation AND speeding. Too bad I didn't get to see that. I had to exit the freeway and get to work. Maayu unta'g gabaan tong buanga to!


tweety said...

haahah.. maayo jud unta na makaba-an to cya..hahaha..Anyway thanks for dropping sa ako blog..hehehe..

Sus, mingaw naman ko Pinas oi..u take care always..

Ate Jingle

jenn_US said...

yeah there are people like that who likes to drive like idiots. im still new in driving, got a little expereince on the road, not yet working so i guess i still have lots of things to learn and experience when im behind the wheels. its hard bisan mag careful ta but other people are just simply reckless.