Jun 30, 2008

401st Post - another weekend report

Saturday - woke up late and loved it. We ate at Norman's again for breakfast - mainly for their freshly squeezed orange juice. I got bubbles for JellyBean and spent most of the early afternoon blowing bubbles for my little guy. Then JellyBean went to Grandma's. Saturday night, we had dinner with friends at Maggiano's in Santana Row (see pics).

It was Madam Wrapshell's going away party. I will miss her terribly. I hope she drives back up here to party with us when she gets her new car(Break it in, madam!). I promise, muuban jud ko laag if muanhi ka. I will miss her impromptu pool parties and how she shows up fashionista-ever to everything. I love how she never gossips and you can trust her with your darkest secrets. Most of all, I will continue to seek her wisdom and grown-up approach to life. I learned to be a little less childish from her. See what you're taking away, Juan?

It was also a birthday party for me and Suzette Jane. Here I am (picture on the left). I wasn't really ready for the cake yet. I was in the middle of reading about how Manny Pacquiao beat up, mauled and knocked out Diaz. Go Pac-Man! Happy Birthday, Suzette Jane! Managhan pa unta atong birthdays. Aron daghan ta'g parties.

The picture on the right shows all my beautiful girlfriends. And Bernie, Suzette Jane's hubby. We thank Madam Kim Sharon - party organizer extraordinaire - for organizing everything: from getting the girls to show up, deciding on a place and being the accountant at the end of dinner. We all know it's no small task. And thanks to your P, too. He was so patient and nice even though there wasn't a lot of non-meat food on the table. You guys are always good company.

Sunday - We went to church. JellyBean applauded when the pastor starting talking. Studied for class (I enrolled in Java, Flash and International Business Management). Then I stayed up late cleaning up and uploading pics 'coz I know the girls are dying to see how pretty they are.

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