May 29, 2008

Nature Sounds, Bisrock, Love Songs, Music

Ask my father who might want to buy a CD of 'Nature Sounds' and he'd say 'someone who is so bored with life'. Who would want to listen to crickets and running water all day? That's all my father hears all day long at his farm. A bunch of birds, wind and crickets, and the occasional habal-habal passing by.

His choice of audio entertainment is DYHP on his trusty old transistor radio. It is pretty Bisdak, but who I am to judge? I used to listen to Dr. Rosaroso's Kini ang Akong Suliran whenever I had the chance. Okay, I also listened to Handumanan, too. I'm Bisdak, so what? I appreciate the local arts as much as I love Shakespeare, Greek Mythology and Cirque du Soleil.

Lately, I my new favorites are Baboy sa Silong, Gugmang Giatay and Bayot Diay. These go into the same folder as my Yoyoy, Max, classic Bisaya songs and Budoy collection. According to an article in Wikipedia, Bisrock was coined by 'a bunch of punks' from University of San Carlos. Taga-TC baya ko. Proud dayon!

By chance, I also found this free online radio station that is most similar to my old favorite, WRock in Cebu. Lipay dayon! It's supposed to minimize homesickness, but sometimes, particular songs just make me want to pack up and head home on the next flight.

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