Mar 20, 2008

Stocks are Bi-Polar

I like to trade in the Stock Market. Nothing big. I used to think of myself as a small-time day trader. It was addictive. I made some and lost some.

These days, I don't day trade. It's more like weeks or months trade. That's how long I can stand owning stocks before wanting to get out of it before it goes down and I lose profit or before it goes any lower and I lose any money.

These past couple of days have been crazy. Today, stocks are up. Yesterday, they were down. The day before that, they were up. Stocks are harder to predict than the weather!

Stocks are bi-polar. Either they're up or they're down. Small changes are nothing to worry about. But when google stocks are down to $434.55 from $747.24, some investors are bound to cry. And pray really hard that the stocks go back up again. Or just get out before it gets worse.

Well, today ends on a good note. Stocks are up. The sun is out. Spring is here. :D


Oona said...

Hi Oona?

My name is also Oona, which is really supposed to be spelt 'Oonagh.' Was just wondering if you planned on using your blogsome blog in that name of 'oona.' I wanted it baaaad!!! :D

Have a good day and thanks. :)

Oona said...

forgot to leave you my email:

pulangbanca said...

hi oona,

thanks for stopping by. I forgot that I have that blog set up. Sure, you can have it! Let me see if I can change ownership settings.