Dec 23, 2007


My Papa Boy peacefully passed away on December 15.

When I heard the news that Papa was taken to the hospital, I started panicking. I thought I was just panicky because I didn't sleep for the past two or three nights. Then my family told me that I should try to go back to the Philippines as soon as I can if I wanted to see Papa before he goes.

So I tried my darned best. I begged Philippine Airlines to please let me hop on the earliest flight they have going to the Philippines. They helped me out big time. I didn't mind flying to LA to take the LAX to MNL flight the very next day.

Dec 15 - I took the SJC-LAX flight late in the afternoon, Pacific Time. I was going to board the plane when I got the news - Papa passed away. 6am, Dec 15 in the Philippines. I wanted to die right there. I didn't care what other people thought, I couldn't stop myself from crying. I cried myself to sleep on the plane.

On the flight to Manila, I was alternately counting down the hours and crying. I dreaded the 4 hour layover before I can get on the flight to Cebu. Then there's the two-hour drive to Argao. This had to be the longest trip I have ever taken in my entire life.

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