Dec 2, 2007


for the longest time, I have listened to this song, "naach naach ke". I have no idea what it meant.

Finally, we went to Coconut Hill to get the movie. Luckily, this one had subtitles. It turned out to be a really nice movie. I especially liked the "production numbers", which turned out to be the intermission, according to one friend - that's the time when people go to the restroom or go get popcorn and soda. No kidding, the movie was pretty long. Intermissions were definitely in order.

I feel bad for refusing to watch this Kristine Hermosa movie that someone gave me. I just can't stand certain movies from back home. Cookie-cutters. Read the synopsis and you'll know everything. Add some crying, screaming, slapping and something life-threatening and all the problems gets solved.

Seriously, I'd rather watch Milyonaryong Mini and Si Got da Wanderpol any day over some Tagalog movies.

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