Dec 5, 2007

My Christmas Lists

I have a number of lists for Christmas. Among them are my send-cards-to, buy-presents-for, things to buy/cook/make, and people-to-call lists. My favorite is my Christmas wishes list. Auntie Chiel says, "libre mangarap".

Aside from world peace, no more poverty/world hunger and no more global warning, I have a whole bunch of closer-to-home, more selfish wishes. The obvious being to spend time with my family in the Philippines. And that they get to see JellyBean. And D, of course.

My wishlist:
- good health for everyone i love.

- I wish it gets warmer. Although the Bay Area isn't as cold as many other areas, it is still cold to me. The other night, I had a terrible bout of joint pain. Yes, I am a young old person.

- Safer drivers around me.

- Bulad and Sikolati. Kim, sorry just kaayu wala ko kaapas pagka-Lunes. Nagsamporado nalang ko'g ako diri.

- Manggang hilaw ug hipon.

- Lechon. Inasal. Panit. Kagomkom.

and many more.

Merry Christmas!

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