Nov 20, 2007


For some reason it reminds me of church. A long time ago, before mass starts one of the ladies from the church would read the donations and intentions list.

Misa pasalamat sa mga grasya nga nadawaat ni XXXXXXXX, one tawsan pisos....

I'm sure a lot of people in the church would actually pray for those intentions. I tried, too. But I remember thinking that its weird that the church would announce how much it received from a particular patron. Maybe this was some form of transparency practice? No need to audit the church because they announce how much they received from each person?

One of my friends who is a self-proclaimed realist says that this could be some form of arena. People are naturally competitive. There are people who would want to be on top in ANY competition. Never mind the intentions.

It's two days before thanksgiving. I love holidays like these. It reminds us of how blessed and lucky we really are. Great family, great friends, lessons learned and wisdom gained. Having D and Parker is one of greatest things that ever happened to me. Oooh! Life is good!

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