Oct 26, 2007

worms in apple

Okay, I was a total sucker and bought a MacBook Pro. Two months later, the hard drive crashed. So now I took it to the Apple Store in ValleyFair. Needed to pay for data recovery. I specifically told them that I have an upgraded hard drive.

A week later, they called and said data couldn't be recovered coz the hard drive was totally toasted. Sure. No problem. I make sure I get my money back.

A few days later, they called again: my laptop is ready. Did they install an upgraded HD, similar to the one I had? No. "We're sorry. Why don't you pick up your laptop so you can use it in the meantime, and we'll call you when your upgraded hard drive arrives?" Okay.

Another week later, "Joseph" from Apple called me. The HD has arrived. Please bring my laptop in so they can install the new HD. No need for an appointment. D took my laptop in to the store. They told him he must make an appointment or go standby. I called Apple store and told them what Joseph told me. Okay, they say.

Darren went back to Apple store. And gave them my laptop. While he was there, one of the "geniuses" told him, "The more you speak, the more you're becoming a problem". And now I'm seriously miffed. This "genius" has no idea what being a civilized person is, much less what customer service. What an arrogant jerk!

My MacBook is wonderful when it's working. I wish this repair is the last I will have to go through for a while. We won't be buying another Apple anything. I apologize to all my friends who I recommended Apple to. I didn't realize their customer service isn't good.

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