Oct 17, 2007

Labor Pains

I read this article magazine in the waiting room at JellyBean's doctor. It mentioned alternatives to an epidural or woman-upping and giving birth with nothing at all.

One of the most interesting things it mentioned is a distracting the mother from the pain by inflicting pain somewhere else. It could be needles or electric pulses. I'm no expert on this, but personally I would probably go ballistic if someone tried to distract me from painful contractions with needles, or electric pulses.

One really funny story I remember from my neighbor Nang Nora is a mom who gave her son a "dukol" on the head because he said he had a stomachache. "Now you'll forget about your stomachache. You have a headache."

I had an epidural when JellyBean was born. It was soooo painful, I was begging for drugs. Big time! Even with all that, it still was the worst pain I ever felt. But as soon as I saw JellyBean, I was in love and happy. I'll go through the same pain all over again for him.

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