Sep 11, 2007

That gadget

Yes, Buntis! Naa na koy silpon nga ginama sa companiya nga sa Bisaya pa, tawgon nalang nato ug Mansanas.

My hubby says I am the ultimate marketing sucker. It's not true. Sometimes. This namecalling started when I bought a particular brand of laundry soap because their commercial said they were the best. Well, it turned out to be overpriced and not as good as the cheaper brand he always bought.

Coming to America and getting exposed to its army of marketing geniuses is a little overwhelming. I wanted to try all the cool new stuff! I wanted all the new game consoles, phones, computers, toothbrushes, eyeglass cleaners, blenders... I got most of the things I wanted to try, confirming my husband's suspicion of me being a marketing sucker.

"But on TV, they said that this toothbrush is better than this other one." D would give me that grin that makes me want to smack my forehead.

I'm lucky that my husband understands how curious I am and he lets me try things within reason. Even though he has the advantage of experience (having lived in the US all his life), he still lets me "see for myself". In the meantime, I'm trying to not get caught up in all the hype.

Before we got married, my mom asked D to not spoil me(too late, my grandparents spoiled me). Oh boy, D's in trouble with her. To be fair, he did well with the rest of the stuff she made him promise to.

Yes, I get really happy when I get a new toy.

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