Aug 21, 2007

Online Shopping

Murag si Iya Lyn ra mahimulos ani, pero here goes:

I just ordered formula and diapers from Lately, I find ways for shop for whatever we need online, especially if it involves heavy lifting like water, soda, liquid infant formula. Its just so hard to lug JellyBean's carseat AND stuff to the house. Can't leave JellyBean alone in the house or the car so there isn't a lot of freedom there unless I have manly-man heavy-lifting services from Darren. And if I get free shipping, it's all totally worth it!

So back to They have a great referral program. Enter oona as your referral code when you check out to get $5 off your first order.

I love, too!

The scary thing about online shopping is that it's too easy. I can easily wander to non-necessities but very enticing stuff like victoria's secret, gap, etc. Tuksoooo, layuan mo ako!!!!

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