Aug 9, 2007

Of Fish and Men

First of all, let me just mention that Costco has at least two things that I always buy whenever I go: Philippine Dried Mango (from Cebu, yeah!) and Tuna Steak from the Philippines. My mom would be so proud that I buy Filipino-made things even here!

So last night, we had tuna. From the Philippines, of course. Sa Bisaya pa, minantikaang ida. May lain pa? I made some sawsawan with soy sauce, vinegar, finely chopped red onion, crushed garlic and lemon juice. Calamansi would have been great, but we didn't have any.

On my birthday last year, I had a peach fuzz. Being a lightweight, I was out of my mind before I even finished that darn drink. My head was buzzing so I was talking really loud. We were watching a show on Discovery Channel and for some reason, I was completely fascinated with the food chain. Suddenly, I said: fish is the best food in the world! Even fish life fish for dinner!

I thought that was the most profound I ever got. The next day, I realized that I wasn't profound - I was just plain drunk.

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