Aug 30, 2007

Aray, Naku!!!

I made a boo-boo!

I was doing some hardware stuff when my hypermobile thumb slipped and got cut. It doesn't hurt one bit, but the blood scared me. I don't really mind seeing blood as long as its not mine.

So I went and asked Marisol for a band-aid and came back here to blog as I wait out this panic attack.

Back home, this would be a kalamunggay moment. Someone would have run out and grabbed a bunch of leaves, crush them and apply to the wound. And it would sting really bad. Oh, the same leaves are cooked for chicken stew, too. Fresh leaves, not the ones already used on the wound.

Another option would have been merthiolate. The orange liquid that gives your fingernails a nice pink tint. I have no idea what's in there or whether its a disinfectant, but I've had that several times, and I'm still alive. Googling it up might be the thing to do, but I'd really rather have a coffee right now.

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