Jun 20, 2007

Online Shopping Coupons

My husband likes thousand thread-count sheets. I've never even heard of thousand count sheets until I moved here to the US. I tried it out and well, I have no protests to having super soft sheets! We both love those sheets, so we decided to get more.

We bought a couple more sheets sets from Overstock. I like online shopping and with Overstock, its easy to get pretty much anything at really great prices. I was looking for the sheets, and got sidetracked and found a really cute necklace for my mom. Even better, I had discount coupons, saving me even more money.

One of the cons of online shopping is having to pay for shipping. With gas prices these days, the difference is not that much. Luckily, this website has promo codes for most major online stores. Whether you get a discount on what you buy or get free shipping, either way I find it advantageous. And I can shop any time of the day!

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