Jun 7, 2007

Follow up on books

I was scared of getting bored now that I'm staying home taking care of JellyBean. It turns out, I barely have time to do anything BUT take care of the baby. Though it's exhausting I love it!

1:30 am, and JellyBean is fast asleep. I have time!!!! So here I am on my computer, looking up bisdakplanet, friendster and of course, posting on my blog. I heard that Yoyoy Villame just passed away. Such a great musician. One of my favorite Bol-anons.

So the books I recently bought are still sitting in the living room. I bought a James Patterson and a funny cartoon called 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. Both seem really promising, but I haven't had the time for them.

Gone were the times when I pretty much knew everything on crimelibrary and snack on trivia. Lately, I have this craving to make a blog dedicated to JellyBean since most recent entries are about him, and I think he should have his own blog. And it would be fun to do some html coding again. Need to keep mind sharp. Don't have the time.

BisdakPlanet has some really cool pixel art. I was thinking of enrolling in that. Don't have the time. I never really fully understood why some women say thay are full-time moms. I never thought they literally meant full-time. And right now, this blog entry is my coffee break.

And now, back to work.

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