Feb 15, 2007

Darna, Darroo?

JellyBean is a boy!

And because we were kinda thinking it was gonna be a girl, we thought of girl names. Which means we have to start from scratch. But before that, here's the long list of names we considered and discarded for various reasons, along with names that we did not consider but are worth mention.

In the Philippines, it is popular to combine part of the Dad's name with part of the Mom's name. So, following that trend, the possible combinations of mine(Oona) and Darren's are: DARNA, DARROO, Oodar, Ooren, and a bunch of others. I have to say, as proud as I am of my heritage, I am not inclined to name my child Darna, like after the Mars Ravelo's heroine. Not after BlakJak has that popular song. Mainly, its just too much pressure on the child. Believe me, I've been there. Growing up as Oona in a Bisaya-speaking world wasn't the easiest. And no, my sister's name is not Ikaduha.

Keeping with the Filipino theme for names, the ever creative Maudester came up with Veelot for a girl and Odin for a boy. And then of course, we came up with Veeveenka and Veesong. Bisaya ray makasabot.

So we were talking about the "normal" and "decent" names. Darren thought Carson is a cute name. I don't. 'Karsones' means pants in Bisaya. Besides, I can just hear my smart-aleck of a cousin ask me if the child was the son of a car. No.

The others were 'Rain', after Darren's grandma Loraine. And "Heart" after my grandma Corazon. But no, that got vetoed by the man of the house.

The only name we both agreed on was 'Riley' for a girl. Which is also the middle name of one of my close friend's kids.

And then we found out we're having a boy. Back to square one on names. Riley HAS to be a girl.

On my first Sharks game, I noticed this player named Parker. He was just big and burly and he got into trouble for fighting. I thought Parker is a cool name, and my hubby agrees. So until we find something better, JellyBean will officially be Parker.

Got suggestions?

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