Nov 25, 2006

Bathroom Stories

Tonight we went to a nice Italian restaurant. Food was great, the company was even better, conversation was nice. It was the perfect topping to a long day of work and shopping. I thought it was too good to be true.

It was. I stopped at the ladies' room before leaving. It wasn't really ghastly, but because it was not perfect, it left a little black spot in my otherwise perfect day. There were pieces of torn toilet paper on the floor! It looked like someone sat there and just shredded toilet paper for fun. Tsk.tsk.

And then I realized that whoever that person was must have been really frustrated. It was one of those places where the toiler paper is literally a few molecules thick, it shreds to pieces unless you painstakingly unroll the darn thing with the care of a surgeon taking skin for grafting. You might think such mundane annoyances would not last long in the States. Specially not at a restaurant where a single meal can feed a Filipino family for a week.

On with bathroom stories. A few weeks back, we went to Anaheim. Darren went to the restroom while I waited near the elevators with our luggage. I saw this lady who looked especially confused and uncomfortable. She paused at the sign that says Men's Restrooms. I signalled to her that the Ladies' Room is at the other end of the hall. It didn't register. She walked into the Men's Room.

It was not the first time I saw a female walk into the male bathroom. What made that significant was what happened inside. She went into the stall right beside where my husband was. Darren noticed a purse was placed on the floor. For a moment he wondered if he walked into the wrong bathroom. He was relieved to see the urinals when he got out of the stall. As he was washing his hands, this lady released this really long loud gasplosion! And some extra foul smell. ewwwww!!!!!

Darren rushed outside. He asked me if a lady walked into the guy's bathroom. Positive. He told me what happened inside. I thought it was the funniest. Girl power! Outblast and outstink the men in their own territories. Hahaha!!! No, seriously, that was really weird.

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