Oct 31, 2006

You Can't Do That!!

One day, I sneezed while driving down a busy part of town. Of course, one is supposed to concentrate while driving, so I tried to keep my eyes open. I couldn't. At the moment I sneezed, I involuntarily closed my eyes.

I told my friends about it. They said that if you keep your eyes open, your eyes pop out. Whoa! I kept that in mind. I make it a point to close my eyes when sneezing. Then today, while merging into the freeway, I had to sneeze. Tried to keep my eyes open, but they closed involuntarily, thank goodness. When I got home, I looked it up online and it looks like most people can't keep their eyes open while sneezing. There are a few people who can sneeze with their eyes open, but their eyes never popped out of their heads.

There are things that people can't do. I mean aside from things like can't ride a bike or carry a tune. Most people can't lick their elbows. Unless they have extraordinarily long tongues or super short arms. Or Both. Odd, this guy can do it.

So among other things, people can't commit suicide by holding their own breaths, or stand with one foot against the wall with the heel of the other foot touching the same wall. I tried the last one, and I can't do it.

Go ahead, try to lick your elbow.

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