Oct 13, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

Being a dance enthusiast, I'm hooked. It's really awesome. The only thing that makes me cringe is Samantha Harris' elbow. She needs to tape it to her side, be shot from an angle that does not show her left elbow, or simply get rid of her annoying habit of oscillating her elbow whenever she does not have anything to say.

Last year, Darren and and his bestfriend, Ed, would complain as I would make them watch it, and vote for Sheryl Burke, because she's Filipina and she's awesome(oh yeah, Drew Lachey was good, too); and for Jerry Rice because I think he worked the hardest. We used to vote for Tia Carrere(guess why?), but she got elimated early. As an oldest child, I got convincing people to do what I want down to an art. Well, almost. Most of the time, asking nicely works fine. I would make the guys watch the show, and reward them with their favorite Lumpiang Shanghai. I also reminded people on the Fil-Am forum I belong to to vote for Sheryl(no matter what!).

The show has the greatest presence in Ed's life. Aside from watching it with us, his officemate is cousins with Sheryl, and she sends out emails reminding people to vote for her. He says he learned to like the show because of Stacy Keebler, as most other guys who watch the show would probably say. This year, Ed goes to his mom's on Tuesdays for bonding time over the ballroom dancing show.

So this week, I heard that Willa Ford got eliminated, and after that, Sara Evans quit voluntarily. Willa was Ed's favorite(guess why?). Mine is Sheryl's partner, Emmitt Smith, while Darren's is Mario Lopez( El Superbo, according to the gay judge). Lopez is the best dancer, but I think Emmitt is the most entertaining. Jerry Springer's funny, too. He reminds me of Keenan, my old, I mean FORMER boss.

Here are some pics from Ed's officemate who went to the show.

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ed said...

What is dat??? The bonding, or "bakla" night with my mom was meant to be private!! I go for the free dinner, not the dancing show... ;)