Aug 28, 2006

Why I stopped TiVo-ing Philippine News

It's ridiculous, that's why.

When I was little, I thought reporters on TV were among the smartest, most well-informed people. Now, I think there are a number of good ones, and whole lot of crap.

All of the news groups there love to say that they are fair and unbiased. From their online news, I think only one of the bigger stations is okay. If you look at it closely, you can tell which ones are trying to create trouble. You can tell which side they are on.

For example, when President Arroyo's name was mispelled while printing money, quotes of other government officials making stupid comments about it were given so much emphasis, the gullible would think that it is justified. It is not fair how the Philippines seems to have an unfair share of idiots who are in the wrong (i.e., influential) places.

There was a time when I thought those guys in the news and in the government should be given IQ tests before they are allowed to hold office. Just like going to college. In San Carlos, if you want to be an engineer, you better have a darn good IQ level. But I guess requiring IQ tests for newswriters and politicians would only give us smarter guys, but not necessarily good guys. And smart evil guys are even worse!

I guess its a good sign that oftentimes, there's only one or two big things going on that are given super-duper coverage on Filipino news (again, I think they should not pay attention to ridiculous comments, politicians who try to be funny but totally without class and taste, and whatever wise-ass rebuttal the opposing party has to whatever the other party has just said). It is really sad.

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