Aug 6, 2006

Superman and my Pet Peeves

I watched Superman a few hours ago. Man! I mean, Superman! Is he hot or what? Despite the stupid underwear over tights costume. Or maybe it WAS the costume. Hmm.. Superheroes always have funny costumes. And the cape! Why do superheroes love capes? Haven't they heard of Isadora Duncan? Maybe capes are meant to deter villains from giving superheroes wedgies?

The storyline wasn't all that awesome. One of my friends used to say, it doesn't matter if a movie is crappy as long as the guy in there is really hot. I guess she'll be watching this movie several times, buying the dvd and watching that several times, too. He'll probably be the main character of several journal entries until her next big I-swear-he's-the-one crush comes along.

So there I was in the theater, waiting for the movie to start. This guy beside me had his cellphone on his belt. The damned thing kept on blinking, distracting and irritating me to no end. I switched seats with Darren so I didn't have to deal with it.

The guy on the other side was busy munching on popcorn. Loudly. Seriously, that was some pretty loud popcorn chewing, and soda slurping. He had a rhythm too. Crrrunch, crrrrunch, crunccchh, sluuurrrrppp, slluurrrpppp, crrunch.. three mouthfuls of popcorn, then two soda slurps. This guy's obsessive!

As if that wasn't enough irritation in 10 square feet. The person behind me had his feet on the back of my chair. Everytime he moves, my seat jerks. It seemed like there was a peeve convention that night. Almost all the irritating things that could happen in a theater were there tonight. Someone would cackle really loud about something that is kinda funny but not really. Someone was doing a running commentary two rows down.

While Superman was going down, almost dying, this guy beside me was slurping loudly. Like he was trying to drink the ocean dry so Superman would not drown. I was thinking of ways to tell this guy how irritating he was, but really, is there a nice way of doing that? I kept reminding myself, someday this will be a pleasure to recall.

I was relieved when the movie was over. Whew! I won't have to deal with those irritating people as soon as I leave that place.


talksmart said...

Let me just slapped one of those guys, didn't you? :-)

Nick said...

Annoying people at movies suck... I know exactly what you mean.

Serendipity said...

I love Superman. I saw it on 3d.

I was blogghopping, looking for another Bisaya online.

Found you!

pulangbanca said...

Hi Eric,

Nope, no one was hurt. Hehe.