Jul 12, 2006

List of Things To Do Before I Die

I can't remember where I saw a similar list the first time. SunStar, maybe. It's a good way to keep track of what to do with life once it hovers around that dreadful disease called boredom. My list started out really long and included the impossible and downright funny. As I get older, things on the list changed. Some were removed (goodbye, singing career! like i ever had one :P), some were added.

Right now, the list includes:
1. Learning Portuguese and/or Spanish. And I mean fluently. More than saying "Uma mulher embaixo de um cavalho" haha, I mean, "Uma mulher EM CIMA de um cavalho", hehehe... But how useful would that phrase be in Brazil? Which takes me to no. 2

2. Go to Brazil. See the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, the Carnaval, AND speak fluent Portuguese there. Seems like a long shot, but hey, dreams are free, so why not? Next stop, Argentina, then Venezuela. Gotta thank Peter Chapman for my interest in Latin America.

3. This one's really important to me: See all the things and places mentioned in the Byahe Tayo Song. Way kalupig sa akong mama, She's been to most if not all of those places, I think. Ironic, she never encouraged laagan-ism among her kids. And I mean she highly discouraged it, with tough consequences for those who didn't take her advise. :D

4. Get a pilot's license. Kanang dili sa lubi ha? Kanang true. Again, way mu-angal! Dreams are free.

5. Finish the book I'm writing. Can't tell you what its about, but you'll know when it's done.

6. Be a lawyer. Always wanted to be one.

7. Learn to drive a stick shift car.

8. Send someone to school. No, I don't accept applicants yet. Can't afford that right now. One day. One day... This one I WILL do.

9. Be a clay shooting champion.

10. Get PADI certified.

Really, the list is much longer than this. There are other things I want to do before I die. And yes, there were things on my old list that were accomplished.

What do you want to do before you die?

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Anonymous said...

hi there gurl..
i'll have my reservation para sa imo pa.skwelahon.hahahah=)
miss you gurl..luv u=)