Jan 15, 2009

it's been a while....

I mostly hate Decembers since Papa died in a December. So while I had nothing positive to post, I opted to not post anything. Sure, sure, there are nice happy things that happened. Look on the bright side, yadda, yadda, yadda. Most of the encouragement in the world will be lost on me. I don't like December. Period. And it will be a while before I'll learn to like it. There.

On to a more positive note. I just got back from the Philippines! Woohoo!!! Things have changed sooo much! I mean I was just there in October! Finding Bo's Coffee was a wee bit hard. There are a ton of new restaurants, too. It was awesome.

I met up with old friends at Carla's wedding. Made some new ones, too. As usual, Cebu was beautiful, warm, friendly and food was tasty. Everywhere I went, food was good. So here I am imagining all the food I just missed. Oh boy.

Oh, my New Year started with someone dying on the plane a few feet in front of me. An older guy who couldn't afford oxygen to travel opted to travel anyway. It was too late when the doctors were informed of his condition. As if things aren't bad enough, I lost my engagement ring and wedding bands in Cebu. Woohoo!!!

So here's to the New Year. There's not much room at the bottom. Nowhere to go but up? Wish me luck!

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