Feb 19, 2008

ZTE, People Power and the Church

After several months of not watching TV Patrol, I accidentally watched it today. I thought it was good to expose JellyBean to the language. The language part, yes. The actual content, no.

So I hear there's a new People Power Revolution in the works triggered by the alleged bribery scandal with the ZTE broadband deal. And so this star witness was greeted like a 'rockstar' according to the news report, during the mass held at Ateneo. Some highschool student got 15 seconds of fame for giving Lozada a pin with 'Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam' on it.

Yes, AMDG is a big thing for me. Everything for the Greater Glory of God. That's one of the most important lessons I learned in High School. It is honorable to do everything for the greater glory of God. It is also of utmost importance to be well-informed and well-guided.

Geez, this people power thing is getting old and petty. The media has a lot to do with it. Any objective person watching ABS-CBN News will notice how they emphasize and sensationalize anything against Arroyo. I used to have great faith in this station. Not anymore.

Cory and the church should stay away from this issue, too. There is a reason why church and state are separated. Because the church cannot be run like a state and the state cannot be run like a church. I think nuns and priests should back off! Instigating and encouraging rebellion is a sin AND a crime. back off!

What will help the Philippines out is that we Filipinos unite and help to improve our country. A revolution every few years will not work. Not one president can solve our country's problems at any one time. We should support products made in the Philippines, take pride in our heritage and strive for excellence at our jobs, school and homes. Again, take into mind what we can do for our country.

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dr tes said...

agree jud ko nimo! samok na kaayo ni jun lozada ug si cory!