Feb 6, 2008

My Page Rank got Trashed!

Holy Smokes!

Okay, I'm neurotic about rankings. Second in rank is almost like failure to me. And zero page rank out of ten just drives me nuts! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I think this is from the reviews that I got money from. I should really give that a rest. On the other hand, I did get a good amount out of those. Enough to buy some really great stuff. Enough to send gifts back home. Enough for a lot of things. But is it worth losing page rank?

Honestly, I don't know. I have certainly made some people happy. The advertiser, me (who wrote articles and bought stuff for myself) , other bloggers who made money because I did spread the word on the how-to's, and the people who got gifts from me out of blog money. And now I ended up with zero page rank.

My mom said it is never dishonorable to do honest things and make people happy. I got the 'make people happy' part down. However, in this case, the page rank lords don't think it is honest to write reviews about companies and get paid for it. I guess so. Well, the lord of the page rank speaks. 'Thou shall not write reviews' (in a thunderous voice) or your blog will be sent to page rank hell.

Okay, so here lies the musings of a Filipina, Cebuana at the bottom of page rank hell. Don't worry page rank lords, this blog will redeem itself. It will honor the very nature of blogging - to make it an online journal and NOT a review garbage dump(making money from it does not feel bad at all). Okay, I'm gonna keep this blog 'clean' from now on. This is my (Chinese) New Year resolution.

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