Feb 6, 2008


Identity theft - two words that I never thought would be so scary until I moved to the United States. I never realized how devastating the results can be.

I've heard of people who had their identity stolen. Bad people steal their information and use this to get loans, buy cars, houses, vacations, name it, they bought it. It makes me so angry thinking how some people are capable to doing such evil things.

Two weeks ago, I saw a commercial on TV for Lifelock (and here is a LifeLock promo code). The CEO shows off his confidence with their services by actually posting his own real social security number on their website. That counts for something.

There are certainly a lot of advantages to having someone tell you whenever your social security number is being used anywhere. Even if it was you yourself. It is good to be constantly aware and vigilant about this because one bad person can ruin your finances.

It was just a matter of time before someone comes up with a service like this. With the frequency of incidents and the degree to which people are hurt by identity theft, it certainly is worth it to take extra precaution.

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