Feb 12, 2008


We saw the Grammy's at Mom and Dad's this weekend. Our Auntie and Uncle from Hawaii were there so we didn't really pay particular attention to the awards show. We didn't really care about it that much anyway.

Well, we all stopped and watched Josh Groban sing The Prayer. That happens to be my wedding song. I'm sure it's a million other couples' wedding song. He just sings sooooo nice!

I noticed Tina Turner singing with Beyonce. She looks good! I mean Tina Turner looks good! I wish I'd be that hot when I'm that old. And she sounds wonderful as usual.

Amy Winehouse - I've heard more about her than her actual music. Her song was pretty catchy, although I wouldn't say it would be my choice for a Grammy Award. I'd prefer Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around. Maybe because I saw JT on SNL and he was great!

I've never been that into music awards and stuff but with the lack of OPM songs and WRock (*96.5 in Cebu), I've gravitated towards 'current' music. Not bad at all.

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