Feb 23, 2008

Filipinas, Filipinas

Heath Ledger maintained a clean house, was always nice, orderly and extremely good-looking. This was how Teresa Solomon, Ledger’s Filipina housekeeper, remembered the Brokeback Mountain actor before seeing him lying lifeless on the floor of his New York apartment last month. - OFW station, GMANews.TV


Filipina, housekeeper-to-the-stars. Anyone feel a reality TV show brewing?

I wish there are better news that Filipinas being housekeepers, domestic helpers and maids all over the world. Ey, all of us Filipinos in the US, let's vote for Ramiele Malubay, okay? It will do our country proud to have this girl make it to the top.

I love how Sheryl Burke won Dancing with the Stars two years in a row. And how the White House chef, Cristeta Comerford is from the homeland. And of course, there's Lea Salonga, who is the best female singer in the world - bar none.

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Anonymous said...

Don;t forget also David Archuleta. GMA 7 said he's also half-Filipino. His mother is a Filipina. Great voice.