Feb 23, 2008

Erap, again?

Ex-President Joseph Estrada and Manuel Villar met Friday night in Baguio City, and discussed the strengthening of the opposition for the 2010 elections, QTV's Live on Q reported Saturday. - GMANews.TV

It sucks that people like these are given so much attention. Okay, maybe Villar has some credibility to speak of. But Estrada?

I don't have much respect for that man. He is a convicted plunderer. How could he still be given that much importance? We all heard Clarisa Ocampo's testimony. Now, how could anyone still care what this guy thinks?

I remember the day he said that people are urging him to run for President in 2010. If that happens and he does win, that will be the day I lose my pride as a Filipino. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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