Jan 23, 2008

Starbucks Short for $1

Starbucks has a "short" size. That's leftmost cup in the picture. They don't advertise this on their boards maybe because the bigger sizes make them money.
A report from msn said that Starbucks is offering a "short" cup of coffee for $1 in Seattle. I can't wait for it to reach the Bay Area. It will make me feel less guilty for spending $4 or $5 for a cup of coffee.
According to EnergyFiend.com , this short cup of coffee contains 180 mg of caffeine. I don't know whether that's a lot of a little but for caffeine dependents out there, that's no big deal. We all have heard of the bad effects of caffeine but I try to see it in a positive way: Caffeine is anti-cellulite. Haha.. Yeah, that's a little lame. But coffee just tastes so good. Especially on cold dreary days like today.

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