Jan 26, 2008

Miss America

Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund won the Miss America pageant. Good for her.

I am a pageant fan. In fact, I wanted to be in pageants but never had the guts and goods. LOL. So there I sit in the audience and boy do I make the peanut gallery proud. To me, it was important that the winner be perfect: beautiful, graceful, smart, articulate and says something more than just wanting world peace. Judging on how much world peace there is right now, I would say we'd need more than pageant queen power here.

On the other hand, I admire those girls. They have guts. I mean they don't have guts body-wise, but they have guts courage-wise! It takes a lot of willpower to parade around in (sometimes skimpy) swimsuits and try to sound smart and charming during the Q&A. Not to mention the number of potential stalkers/rapists that might be in the audience.

Yes, I like to be in the peanut gallery watching pageants.

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