Jan 6, 2008

Long hair

Long beautiful hair - that's what a lot of people want. Although hair extensions and weaves are options, I think most Filipinas want healthy black hair. The sleek shiny kind. Just like Lucy Torres'. Didn't her beautiful hair lead her to bag Richard Gomez?

Getting beautiful hair is a hard task for those of us who aren't born with red carpet-ready hair. And for those who are willing to try everything, I guess its worth mentioning this hair shampoo site that has everything you might need to get healthy beautiful hair. They have shampoo gentle enough you can use it on babies and scalp treatments for men and women who need a little minoxidil boost to their manes.


Anonymous said...

As of now my hair have reached from neck length to mid back length in 4 months. Im using this shampoo and conditioner called goddess from www.worldofentertainment23.com its amazing not only does it grow your hair out it softens and makes it bouncy.

Black Beauty Shampoo said...

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