Jan 26, 2008

Left-Over Philippine Pesos

Everytime I go back to the Philippines, I end up with a few thousand pesos in my travel portfolio. The money sits there sad, lonely and useless until the next time I go back home. And then I go back home and the money feels less important as time has gone and it no longer has the same buying power.

I like to optimize everything. From the way I take a shower to the street lanes I drive on. It has to be the best combination of least amount of effort, time and resources and minimal waste. Going to the Philippines, I wear shorts and flipflops on the plane because that's what I'm gonna want to wear when I get there. I can always ask the flight attendants for extra blankets anytime.
I was thinking of sending it over via snail mail. I actually did that once. The money never made it there. That was a very bad idea. It's like paying someone to steal money from you.

Having Philippine pesos left over from my last trip doesn't live up to the idea of minimal waste. This money is gonna sit here and do nothing. I can't use it for investments and if I convert it to USD then I'd lose out on the conversion rate and potential conversion fee. And it's not a huge enough amount to make me really want to exchange it anyway.

Then D reminded me that it is actually useful for terminal fees and taxis when I go back to the Philippines. I'll definitely be needed some PHP as soon as I step out of the international airport. I guess I didn't mess up optimatization too bad then. :D

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