Jan 4, 2008

Job seeking? I'm hiring.. sorta.

I have been looking to hire someone for my dry cleaning delivery business. Contact me if you're interested. This is a San Francisco Bay Area job. We've been thinking of putting up a help wanted sign on the delivery van, but haven't really done that yet.

We're considering posting on monster.com, particularly the website dedicated to California. The site promises to deliver greater visibility for your job offers with the best ratio of job seekers per job posting. They even have a product finder which helps employers determine what kind of recruitment program is the best. You can do a single job posting or a bulk job posting. And for people like me who love discounts, they give you 10% off if you post two jobs. They have something for everyone.

If you really need to find someone asap, you can look in their huge database of resumes available. It's great that they're so confident about their services that they even offer employers to test drive this feature.

On the job seeker's side, I don't know anyone who hasn't used this website. It is very easy to start a job search and refine the results based on date, career level, years of experience, education level, job status or job type. Or you can simply post your resume and have your job find you instead!

I also like their 'Reach your Potential' section on the job seekers' side. They post very helpful tips on how to improve your career, personality and life in general. One that really caught my eye was 'Could your hobby be your job?'. I certainly hope so! A lot of people would like that. If we all do something we love for a job, then it's like never working at all if you enjoy every second of it.

One of the features that a lot of people like is the section where you can research salaries. Everyone likes to know that they're getting fair pay! If in case you aren't, and you're confident that you're a stellar employee, then maybe its time to talk to the boss or consider other options.

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