Dec 29, 2007

The year-ender

It's almost the end of the year, so I'm writing my year-ender before the New Year rush catches me.

I spent the first few months of the year pregnant and trying to be healthy. I actually became brave enough to eat vegetables and try to be healthy.

JellyBean decided to be born earlier than we expected. He is soo cute! He can drive me crazy sometimes but most of the time, he just makes me happy. Like any other mom, I think he is the cutest, smartest, sweetest and most beautiful baby ever. I mean, have you seen him?

In July, we welcomed my new sister-in-law to the family. She is such a sweet person. She is a lot of fun to be with and most of all, we are happy that D's brother is happy.

A couple of weeks ago, Papa passed away. I have never been so devastated. He was my father, mentor and best friend. He was an amazing teacher and a great provider. Papa taught me so many important skills and lessons in life. He taught me that you can be good at many different things. He was good at carving, carpentry, calligraphy, writing, history and puzzles! He allowed me to try things that were normally reserved for boys like handle carpentry tools and he even let me have my own slingshot! He gave me a great childhood. I promise him that I will take care of Mama as best I can and to continue to strive to make him proud of me.

I was in the Philippines for about a week. I got spend time with my family over there. Got closer to cousins I have lost touch with. Cebu is still as beautiful as ever. I wish I hadn't forgotten to bring my camera charger. I would have had more beautiful pictures.

Despite Papa passing away, I still had a great year. I have a great family and great friends. My husband is the greatest! He is sweet, responsible and fun to be with. And recently, he proved that he does pay attention to the subtle and not-so-subtle hints I drop.

This coming year, my biggest resolution is to try to be healthy. I'm pretty much done with the foolishness of youth. Papa said his greatest regret was that he smoked. He said he should have tried to stay healthy. I will try to be healthy. To exercise and to eat healthy food even though it doesn't taste good to me. It is really hard to lose Papa. I don't want Parker to have to experience that any sooner than necessary.

Happy New Year everyone!

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