Dec 7, 2007

First Filipina

I found this cool blog: First Filipina. It features Filipinas who first reached important achievements. Among them are Filipinas I really admire.

Glora Macapagal-Arroyo
- 1st Filipina President/1st woman leader to preside over the United Nations Security Council.
- 1
st Filipina Vice President
There seems to be a lot of propaganda against her in the press. One particularly popular Filipino TV channel really tries to show how the country has been "suffering" under her leadership by interviewing domestic helpers in Singapore who blame the president for their poverty. Despite everything, the president has held her own and did a great job with the economy. Now that is strength and courage despite being surrounded by political clowns.

Lea Salonga
- 1st Filipina to win a Tony award
Well, she has the most beautiful singing voice in the world. ANGAL?

Engracia Cruz Reyes
- "Lola Asyang"
For her recipes. And not letting poverty get the better of her. And for being a good example to many people.

Mama Ason
- my grandmother
For having been there for me in the scariest moments in my life. For being wise and gentle. Even when she was punishing me, she was gentle. She is wiser than any other woman I know. She taught me to always strive to be a good person.

There are many other Filipinas I admire:
My mom - for her intelligence
Daisy - for her optimism
Jenny - for her guts
Arlene - for being fun all the time
Joy - for her wisdom
Kim - for her humor
Judith - for her spunk
Tess - for her humility
Wrapshell - for her honesty
Lyn - for her friendliness

I'm Filipina and proud of it.

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