Dec 11, 2007

Bond. James Bond

My grandpa loves James Bond. Me too! I mean I love James Bond, too! Ian Fleming had the right idea when he created James Bond. And whoever made those movies, they are genius.

When we were little, all of us wanted to be just like James Bond. We decided he was even better than MacGyver. He had the coolest cards, the best clothes, and all the snaziest little gadgets. More than that, he's really smart and smooth.

As a teenager, I decided I'd rather be a Bond girl. They are always really beautiful. And they get to date James Bond, although on a temporary basis. And usually, they are brave and have strong personalities.

After a while, I decided that Bond is cooler than Bond girls. No more trying to be just like Bond, though. I realize I have it so much better. I have a great family, great friends and a happy life. Now that's better than having license to kill.

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