Aug 23, 2006

Unfortunately Nut!

My team at work tries to get to work by 6am everyday. It is not surprising that some, if not all of us, come in groggy and obviously sleepy. So this morning, we decided to head to Starbucks across the street.

I can't remember what we were talking about, since my brain was still fighting to get some REM. Guess what else happens when I'm "out of it"? I mispronounce things! My Bisaya accent creeps in, of course. So we were talking about something, and I remembered saying, "Unfortunately nut!"

Of course, I had to correct myself. But that is kinda nice, too. If you have a Filipino accent, you can get away with calling someone a nut(used in place of "not" and only when it works) without repercussion! Hehe. Like in this scenario:

Man(kinda creepy-looking): "Miss, can you give me your number?"
Filipino girl (preferably Bisayan): "Anpoortyuneetlee, NUT!"

That means no, and the girl gets away calling him a nut. As long as she remembers to be consistent with the accent. That is so awesome!

1 comment:

talksmart said...

It has an advantage to be non-native English speaker afterall ;-) Americans understand little shortcomings...